Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Random 2015

I made the prettiest grilled cheese ever!! 
OMG, Emma did her nails on our new rug and spilled the whole bottle!! But after consulting Pinterest, we got it out with alcohol. 
Emma and I decided that we were bad luck when we actually watched  Football games on tv. So we got a pedicure instead. And listened to it on the phone! Good times! 
FYI, we may not drink at Sunday dinner but these kids can DOWN some fake wine!! They are addicted!! 
Sis looking super cute at the oil change place.
Nana got Aiden court side seats for a Razorback game and he and Grandpa loved it!
We ran into some cute cousins at the game too!
Oh my goodness, our sweet school nurse and her husband MADE this adorable snowman for us! How special is that!! 

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