Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Aiden!

We were so excited to celebrate Aiden's 9th Birthday! I'm going to say that this was one of my favorites so far. They had so much fun!

The boys (and a select few girls) got their jerseys and headed to the soccer field. 
Next was some football. 
We had to FORCE them to take a supper/cake break!
Then it was on to the baskteball court! This was the most fun! 
Aiden has some pretty awesome friends and team mates! We were so thankful that they could all come and make his birthday party extra special!

I'm sure these sisters felt lucky to be included on the invite list! Ha! ;)
We had to take a quick selfie to show the family in our shirts. 
Happy 9th Birthday, Aiden James! We love you and your sports playing self! 

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