Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Aiden's 3rd Grade Program: An Old Fashioned Christmas!

Aiden was a town's person... a business man drinking coffee. 
He did so good! ;) 
Everything's fine and dandy...
Until you have to evacuate the school because the hot dog cooker started smoking like a freight train! 

June and July (Ha... the PTA moms decided that we could have a Fireman's Calendar).
We got the all clear!
And it was back to the show! Mrs. Reeves was Emma's 4th grade teacher and has moved down to 3rd this year. She is an AMAZING singer!! It was beautiful!
You always hear that you can't talk about God in public schools, but I am so thankful that I haven't experienced that in our school. Once again, Mrs. Trevino included the true meaning of Christmas.   
Aiden and his best buddies... Blake and Brett. I can tell the difference!
Aiden and Coach Santa!
Brett and Blake with their number 1 fan, their precious nephew!

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