Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School 2015!

We had a little last day of summer vacation party at Granny Bev and Grandpa's, complete with campfire and s'mores!

Emma's last first day eve and Yunice's first first day eve!
Teacher and Nurse gifts ready to go!
These kids were actually EXCITED to go to school today!! Too much family togetherness for one summer, I think. ;)
 Emma's last first day at Turnbow! I didn't even cry!
 Words can't describe how excited Aiden was for school to start! He was yelling "It's 7:19, let's move, move, move people!!"
 Pure excitement!
 More reserved, but still excited!
We found Ella in the hallway on the way to class. :)
I made Emma and Mrs. Campos take a picture since it is her last year at Turnbow!!
Great smile!
We have the most creative people on our PTA...

Happy First Day of School!!