Sunday, July 19, 2015

Glamping with the Holman Family

Well, Sammy was like the rest of us... so excited about the fun camping weekend ahead of us...
 We had so much fun making lists and having planning meetings! 
We went on a special grocery-shopping-date-night...

We borrowed the camper from the Reynolds...

Spirits were high!
 We had lots of fun!
 This kid loves playing with fire!

 He found a flashlight. 
 He braved questionable water.

 We saw beautiful skies!

 Aiden tubed for the first time since we have had a boat! Yay, Grant for encouraging him!

 This cool dude drove us safely on the boat!

 Emma had a blast knee boarding! 

But this is how happy we were to return the camper! We just like sleeping in our own beds with our own showers and toilets! So we marked that off the ol' bucket list, but I don't expect that we will be doing it again any time soon! 

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