Sunday, July 19, 2015

Glamping with the Holman Family

Well, Sammy was like the rest of us... so excited about the fun camping weekend ahead of us...
 We had so much fun making lists and having planning meetings! 
We went on a special grocery-shopping-date-night...

We borrowed the camper from the Reynolds...

Spirits were high!
 We had lots of fun!
 This kid loves playing with fire!

 He found a flashlight. 
 He braved questionable water.

 We saw beautiful skies!

 Aiden tubed for the first time since we have had a boat! Yay, Grant for encouraging him!

 This cool dude drove us safely on the boat!

 Emma had a blast knee boarding! 

But this is how happy we were to return the camper! We just like sleeping in our own beds with our own showers and toilets! So we marked that off the ol' bucket list, but I don't expect that we will be doing it again any time soon! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dirt Work

This isn't a life changing post, but I thought Matt looked like he was having so much fun on the little tractor thing that he borrowed and he did a good job straightening the dirt out from when they poured the additional concrete for our back porch earlier in the summer. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July at the All-Star State Tournament

It was a long trip to Jonesboro for the State tournament
It was RAINY our first day there!
While the boys were warming up... Emma and I found tiny little frogs! They were so cute!
Daddy helping with the warm up.
Happy baseball sister!
Tiny frogs again!
The freakin' mosquitoes were bigger than the frogs! 
A little breakfast before our games. 
Number nine at bat! Go Aiden!
We celebrated Cash's birthday between games! 
Emma was in pure baby heaven when she got to hold a teammate's twin baby sisters.
Aiden enjoyed short stop and he did a great job! Unfortunately, Springdale All-Stars weren't all that lucky in the tournament and pretty much got their booties handed to them. But except for that and the bird-sized, blood-sucking, vampire mosquitoes, and less than awesome hotel with no pool,  it was a  fun few days in Jonesboro! ;)
We are proud of Aiden for playing so hard and being included in this year's All-Star team! If anyone deserves it, its him! We are kind of sad to see baseball end this year, but we're looking forward to spending some quite weekends at the lake! 

Happy 4th of July! We could just kind of see their big fireworks show from our hotel's parking lot.
On the way home, we decided to go a little out of our way so we could see Memphis. There was the prettiest farm land on the way. 
I love the ROWS!
We made it to Beale Street, but it wasn't very crazy at 9am!
The kids and I thought that Daddy would like this for our "date nights" with our friends! 
Breakfast on Beale! 
We made it to Graceland!

Emma LOVED it!

Emma took 528 pictures while we were there! 

Haha. This picture is for Cross Fit! Coca Cola doesn't cause T1D! Aiden's never even had it! Jerks. 
Emma was still in HEAVEN! 

Our King! 

We kind of missed out on our normal 4th of July since we were there, but we had some firework fun when we got home!


We have this little rabbit that sits at the corner of a wooded area in our yard. He seems to be there almost every day!
My pretend smoker.

And my other pretend smoker.

Daddy was ready for a BIG show!

I'm sure the neighbors were impressed with our 6th of July fireworks celebration!