Sunday, June 28, 2015

State Tournament 2015 - Go PT!

We played in the AA State Tournament in Maumelle. 
Oh, my traffic. We had to get across this bridge to get to our exit. Not good.
We were going nutso! 
But we made it on time and we were ready to go!
I keep the score, so I never get pictures during the game! If I do, I get all messed up! ;) 

 We just barely made it through our game and this rolled in...

And it POURED! We all ran into a Mexican food restaurant and bless their hearts, they worked hard to accommodate us, but their women's bathroom flooded, their men's bathroom and half of the restaurant had no power. The boys were ready to burn off some energy in the pool! 

It was HOT on Saturday! 

After Saturdays game, Coach Nick and Jill bought us pizza and we had a team meeting. It was like a dad pow-wow afterwards. It was cute. 

 Ready to go on Sunday! 
 They played hard and had fun! It was honestly the best season! We love this group!
 They were worn out on the way home!
 One of the moms on our team is such a talented photographer! She posted these on facebook. 
 photo cred: Sam Sparks
  photo cred: Sam Sparks

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