Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day 2015!

We love our Daddy!! Thank you for all that you do! You support us in all that we do! You make us laugh. You teach us how to do new things. You make sure we "have processes" to make things easier to do! You give us so many opportunities to make memories. We love you!

You are GOLD Daddy!
 Aiden made you Dirt Dessert (Pioneer Woman style!)
 We got some of Mrs. Pennington's sugar cookies!! AKA the best sugar cookies in the world! Of course we wanted them baseball themed!

 Gearing up for the District tournament!
 Springdale vs. Fayetteville! Go Bulldogs! I hope they'll let me take this picture when they play each other in high school!
Daddy was styling for warm-ups

 Emma and Ella are such good big sisters, enjoying the pickles at the ballpark!
 We got to watch Rylan play before we played.
 I'm not sure what this face was about... ;)
 Ready to go at short.
 Dude, that is how you RO-TATE. Awesome!

 Winners! It was a huge victory over Harrison... those mom's... OMG.
 Very proud of this boy.
 Happy Father's Day, indeed!
 Go Springdale!
District Champs!
Papa was excited with his Father's Day present.
We got to have lunch with my dad and Bev too and hopefully he will have a PT Grandpa shirt soon!  Here's some of my favorite pictures of him!

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