Saturday, June 20, 2015

American Girls Weekend!

This is huge... It was the first girls weekend that I have been on since Aiden was born! Like HUGE! Holly, Mary Claire, Emma and I headed out early Friday morning. Aiden stayed with Nana until Daddy got off work early to get ready for baseball. He did great!
It has been raining FOR-EV-ER but this rainbow was very pretty! 
 Welcome to Texas!!
 When we arrived, we asked to be on the same floor as Stephanie and Sydney. Free upgrade! Score!
 Our room had the BEST VIEW EVER! American Girl!!
 Our purpose for the weekend was to attend the Grace movie premiere. We got to walk the red carpet and have a photo shoot!

 We got the cutest swag bag!

 And fun little snacks. I just love the thought and the details that AG puts into everything they do. 
 I got LOTS of facetimes from Aiden. He wanted to watch a little of the movie. 
 We had to take advantage of the free ear piercing (for the dolls). The girls couldn't be bothered with standing in line. No problem! We had it under control!
 For dinner, we got to meet up with our favorite Texan, Laura and her girlies! What a fun meet up! You wouldn't even know it was because each of us has kiddos with type 1. 
 Sohphie, Emma and Emma 2015
Sophie, Emma and Emma 2011

I got lots of baseball texts from my mom! I can't believe I was missing games!! Sydney made her own doll hospital and fixed Emma's Lanie doll's loose legs. It was crazy! She completely took her head off and removed all of the stuffing and put her right back good as new! I need to get the video from Emma and post it. 
Holly did a great job fixing Lanie's hair. It was a mess!  
 Definitely a girls trip.
Before we left, we had lunch at the bistro. It was so cute and yummy too! 

 Holly took us to World Market on the way home! It was my first time and I am hooked!! 
 And we might  have stopped at El Chico on the way home! ;) We brought Matt plenty for Father's Day tomorrow!

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