Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Poor Buddy... in jail (well, the backyard...but kind of).
I LOVE the daffodils that my mom planted around our yard. They are my very most favorite flowers! 
 Kiddos getting ready for our annual egg dying!
 They were really weird colors! Kind of shimmery.

 On Saturday, we had our Nana Easter. We clearly raised our kids to be as competitive as we are!

 I didn't get any pictures of Matt and I hunting eggs, because I was BUSY winning!
 The Easter Bunny did a great job all around!
 And he left some more eggs to hunt!

 All dressed for church!
 We got to dye some more eggs at Nanny and Papa's. It always reminds me of Easter 2006 when we announced that Emma was going to be a big sister by writing it on an Easter egg. 

 And now he's 8!!

 And even more egg hunting at Aunt Kellie's!

 Cousin love!! Chloe, Kaden, and Aiden.

 This was cute... but no one ate it! Oh well! It was cute sitting in my fridge! 
Happy Easter! Jesus Christ has risen today!