Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back to the 80's

We always say that the last show that we see of Mrs. Trevino's is the best one that we have seen so far! We this one really was the very BEST one so far!! It was the 80s and they went ALL OUT!! 

 Caraline sang Beat It and she absolutely KILLED IT! It was amazing!! 

 We loved Bella singing Hey Mickey too! 

 Emma really got into it. She loved watching her favorite interns perform Thriller! 
 Mrs. McKenzie has been a favorite this year! 

Plus it was St. Patrick's Day.. and I snagged some of Mrs. Pennington's YUMMY cookies!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nana's Birthday trip to St. Charles

We LOVE us some St. Charles and it had been a WHOLE month since we had gone so we loaded up for Nana's birthday. The elves knew it was Nana's birthday and they wanted to tag along!

 Social media was blowing up about whether this dress is white and gold or blue and black. WHAT? It is totally white and gold. 
We had a little accident with the pomegranate seeds in Walmart. We won't be getting those again!  

 Nana in her Happy Place!
 Happy Birthday!
 Poor Aiden didn't get to go to enough boy places... We had to let him climb sculptures outside of the Vera Bradley store. :) 
 And we made him a scavenger hunt to keep him busy at American Girl. 

 Just yuck. No I don't really want bugs to crawl on our dolls. 
 Emma racked up more spending money and bought Grace's bistro. 
 Hahaha.. Vera Bradley much? We LOVE the outlet! Everything is half price and they have all of our old prints!
 We decided to head home a day early because of scary looking weather reports!
 I finally got a picture of the real life cars characters. 
 Uh, oh... here comes the snow. 
 And here we sat for HOURS!!

 We went a little CRAAAAZZZYYY! We even made friends with people in other cars who were crossing the interstate to go to the bathroom.

 Finally, scrapers and we started to move! There was really bad accident cover both lanes, but they finally got it cleared. 
 My poor car had frost bite when we got home!