Saturday, January 24, 2015

Colors Day - Queen Livvy!

We are so proud of our cousin, Olivia!! 2015 West Fork Colors Day Queen!! She is just the kindest, sweetest girl ever. Truly beautiful inside and out.
 Sweet sisters and Tea Tea!

 This boy... always climbing something. 

 The Colors Day Queens!
 Emma and Chloe have missed each other at school this year!!
 Then Livvy had an awesome basketball game! Go Lady Tigers!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Marvel Universe LIVE!

After the SCARIEST 5 hour drive in the history of ever, we finally made it to Little Rock just in time for it to start! It was just barely sleeting and it caused I-49 to be backed up so we were stopped before we even got started! And then we SLOWLY drove to Little Rock! It was a really fun show with lots of stunts and action!

 I'm pretty sure Emma was eyeing the $15 snow cone that the kid next to us had! GASP!

Thank you to Santa for the tickets!!

Family Game Night

Nana invited us over for some BBQ and a family game night. We played Guess Who and Quarters. We are a pretty competitive bunch! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Double Digits, Emma!!

Emma LOOOVES to plan her birthday party. But we wanted to do something EXTRA special this year since she was going to be the BIG 1-0! For weeks, kept giving me all of these ideas and I just wouldn't commit to anything. We usually start planning in October, so I had to do a lot of re-directing of conversations! So FINALLY, New Years Eve was the big day. Nanny kept the kids for most of the day so I could run around getting everything ready! I didn't realize what a big helper she is to me getting ready for parties! I really missed her help! We told her that we were going out to eat with our friends, Brent and Billie, and that we were going to get Mexican food. Honestly, she was less than happy about the Mexican food and was being a tiny bit of a toot head about it. Ha! But we told her to hurry and come outside because it was time to go! 
Even when she saw the limo, she had no idea what was up! She was saying that she couldn't wait to tell her friends at school the next week. 
She still thought we were just celebrating the new year and going to get Mexican...
Until we stopped to get BFF #1, Caroline! 
And then, Ella B...
And then Ella L. and Eden! It was a party now!
We had fun too! 

And YAY, Shogun instead of Mexican!
 (I had told her that we would have to have a reservation to get in on NYE! But, surprise! We did!) 
Aiden's "shogun" is actually Chick Fil A. (the chefs love that!) 

 Emma's birthday rice!

When we finished up at Shogun the limo brought them back to our house!
And the party girl was ready to party!

Pictures from all her birthday parties (and the bottom of the Rudolph head!) 
 She had hinted at wanting a chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top.

 Emma and the Ellas
 Aunt B hooked us up with some awesome photo booth props!
 No NYE is complete without sparkling cider and grape juice!
1-0 party favors... 
 Matt and his buddy, Brent. Goofy guys!
 Some of the rest of the party!

 Getting ready to settle down (hahahahahahahaha!)

The weekend after the party, Emma had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket and Nana just happened to already be going to St. Charles so sure we'd go along!! ;) Emma couldn't wait to see Grace Thomas!
And now she is saving every spare penny for this (EXPENSIVE) bakery!

Aiden spent some birthday money too! Thanks Uncle Gary and Aunt Trudy!
Nana found this for us at her store! Ha! GF Cookies!
Emma with Grace Thomas on our second trip back (We had to! They were giving away Grace aprons!)
I think she had a pretty fun birthday!!

Just for the record...
You have LOVED choir this year! You are in UACC and also the Turnbow Tempo Choir. You have had several opportunities to have solos and you have really shined! Your artistic side has been in overdrive this year! Like Grace Thomas, you have really developed a love for cooking and baking and you do a great job! You have made supper all by yourself several times! You LOVE to laugh at funny shows, people falling, vulgar behaviors... you name it, and you are probably laughing at it! But you can also still pop out HUGE tears at the drop of a hat! You are sweet and sensitive soul, and if you feel that you have been wronged, then you are probably going to cry about it, bless your heart! There has been no lack for drama this year either! Phew, it is wearing me out! Your favorite shows are Full House, Fresh Prince, Once Upon a Time, The Great British Bake Off, and Say Yes to the Dress. You love Matty B songs. You love your teacher, Mrs, Reeves and your interns, Miss Reyes and Miss McKenzie, but you are just kind of "meh" about school, in general. You have loved dance class again this year and you are excited about playing softball. We love you, sweet girl! We are looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store for you! 
Happy Double Digits, Sister Suzie!
We love you!!