Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sing, Sing, Sing

We are so proud of our sweet girl. She has always loved to sing, but has always been a little hesitant about singing in front of other people. But this year... WOW! She has come out of her singing shell! At the beginning of school she tried out for the University of Arkansas Children's Choir and made that and also tried out and made it into the Turnbow Tempo Choir. She LOVES it and has been singing pretty much all the time. :) 
She was a little nervous before her first performance. She was glad to have her buddy, Caroline there too. 

 They did so great! 

 When we left, it was snowing! 
 She also, got a solo in her 4th grade performance. It was part of We are the World. I told her I was going to cry. I totally did. 
 She was so relieved after the daytime performance!!
 She totally killed it. I couldn't have been more proud if she was Whitney Houston. 

 Her adoring fans! 
 And her lovely co-stars! 

 Then she had another UACC performance. It was so good! 

 Our Turnbow Choir teacher has been such a blessing to us. She has provided such encouragement to Emma this year. 
 Sweet choir girls. And see that in Emma's hand... it was a cookie that Caroline's mom made and OMG, I may have stolen it and it was the most delicious cookie!

The Turnbow Tepmo choir was asked to perform at the Holiday Open House at the Springdale Public Library and she got the part of  Mrs. Claus. She did such a good job singing the first part of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It was precious! 

We have just loved hearing our little song bird! 

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