Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pre-Christmas Fun 2014

Poor Aiden had strep throat and was out the whole week before Christmas! He made himself right at home at my office though. We just checked in on Friday for his party and he was so excited to see his friends. They were excited to see him too! That was so sweet!
 Our nutty elves!
 UGH!!! Buddy is officially on the NAUGHTY LIST!! Which is weird since he is from the freakin' North Pole!! We might just stick him out with a Return to Sender tag on Christmas Eve!
 This was actually Aiden visiting Emma's class party.
 After school, we had a Christmas Caroling Party! We found a few teachers who would let us come to their houses. The kiddos were SO EXCITED to see their 3rd grade teacher who had twin girls this past summer!
 They absolutely mauled her. The poor baby girls were a little overwhelmed by all of the Christmas spirit!!
Mrs. K's kiddos are a little older, so they didn't think we were quite as crazy! Ha! Actually, they probably did, but they didn't cry, so that was good! 
 Afterwards, we came home to make an ornament and decorate some cookies!
 I really wanted to make sure that we got to drive around a look at Christmas lights. We kept hearing about a certain house that went ALL OUT! They sure did. Of course my camera died right after I snapped this picture, but this was like 4 of the HUNDREDS of blow up Christmas decorations and there were MILLIONS of lights!! It was really cool.
 More elf shenanigans. They were low, I guess.
 It seems VERY funny to me that this boy wasn't "qualified for GT". He spends so much time making and inventing things. And you can just see the wheels turning in his head when we gets an idea or if he sees a need for something. He's just always figuring something out. Its fun to watch (not so fun to pick up after him, but still... )
 His little eyes. Hahaha!
 Ice cold Fruit Punch!! With a money slot!
He also made a key pad for his door (out of a box) and without fail, he pushes the code in when he enters his room. It's hilariously precious! And this sweet Mrs. Claus. She was so cute at her Christmas program. 

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