Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, Aiden!

I can't believe this sweet, shy boy is 8! Or that he was ever shy! Ha!
 We woke up to STREAMERS on top of us!
 And the Elves came, just for the birthday celebration! They liked FLAT MATT
 Aiden was so excited to open his birthday presents!
 And get GLUTEN!! (Still mostly Gluten Free, but we have some "gluten days" to see what happens - nothing! YAY!)
 Nana always has the most exciting presents! 
The one thing that Aiden wanted sooooo much was a Dexcom CGM. It was such a miracle that our Dexcom Rep and insurance company got it worked out and overnighted it to us just in time for his birthday! It was so exciting!
 We even had some good numbers to start out with. :)
 We spent the evening of his actual birthday at Silver Dollar City. It was PERFECT! The crowds left right as we were arriving and we could ride all the rides with NO WAIT! 
 He was pretending to ride Outlaw Run (not his cup of tea)! But Emma and I rode for real and OMG it is terrifying in the pitch black darkness. We had just done the Barn Swing twice and got to see the beautiful lights all over the city, but there were NO lights at all! SCARY (but a tiny bit fun)! 

He has had so much fun playing with all of his presents. That kid is kind of hard to buy for!
We were kind of crazy and had his birthday party on a Monday night. It really worked out! We were so excited to have it at High Rise Trampoline Park. We loved it!
 And yay, more gluten! 
 Aiden has really missed his buddy, Collin, who changed schools. 

 It was such a fun boy-ish party! Aiden has the best group of friends. I was so glad that so many of them got to come. :) This picture so perfectly shows their personalities. :)

And I got to see my best friends too!
  We love this crazy 8 year old! 
 He loves letting balloons go to Heaven. :) 

Happy 8th Birthday, Aiden James Evans! We love you! 
You are so into sports! Any and every sport. You got a little burnt out on baseball this fall, because of a  LOT of LONG baseball practices. But you still play all the time. You RARELY stop moving. But you do love going to bed early and waking up early. Your favorite foods are GF grilled cheese, and GF pancakes and Dominoes GF cheese pizza. You love throwing the tennis ball to Buddy. Your favorite TV show is Lab Rats. You still LOVE sweets, especially Reese's PB cups and Reese's PB chips. You are still very sweet to Emma, unless you aren't and then you beat the poop out of her. We are really working on that. But you are mostly sweet. ;) We are excited to see what the next year holds! 

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