Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Vacation fun...

So I hear Emma say, "Hey, Aiden. Want to play dentist? I can clean your teeth." Of course he does. Duh. 

 Matt took off a few days and wanted to do something fun. We did a little bowling.

 One day, we went to Silver Dollar City. It was the last day that they'd be open. And all the rides were closed because it was too cold.
 But we were excited to be there!
 We need one of these at home!
 Grandfather's mansion!

 Just creepy!

 And the bakery smells sooooo good!
 Then, just for fun, we went to Lambert's. Home of the Throwed Rolls. (not GF, they're actually good!)

It was soooo good!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

We kicked off Christmas 2014 on Christmas Eve morning at Nana's house. I love how she goes above and beyond getting ready for us! Even pretty bows on all of the packages... Nana and Mary would be so proud of her!
 Nana wanted some power tools! Now she can screw something. (hehehe)
 Emma LOVES seeing boxes like this. She wanted LOTS of Isabelle stuff and that is what she got.
 "Hey kids, can you stand together and let me take a picture. " Thanks, Emma!
 Just the usual Dickens Village shenanigans....

Miss Kitty is hiding!
 I LOVE my Mom's Christmas tree.
  Christmas Eve night... Time for our Annual Karnes Family Christmas! Kellie put up Nana's BIG Santa! I remember Nana putting it in her front window on Stone Street.
 Aiden really looks up to Kaden. They are pretty big buddies.
 Teagan and Chloe.
 Teagan, Liv, and Cooper.
 Teagan loved her Minnie Mouse stuff!
 Aiden loved having boy cousins to play with.
Matt and Conner always hang together. Matt thought this looked like familiar wrapping paper. Ha! He and Steve got each other's name so Kellie and I each just got something we knew our respective husband would like and "pretended" that we got it for the other one. Sneaky. 

 Matt, make yourself at home... Don't mind if I do!

 Yay! More boy cousin bonding!
 Emma and Teagan playing the piano... future Disney Channel stars.
 Chloe with Cooper and Beau.
  Evans family!
 Me and Mom.
We had to hurry home to get our stuff out for Santa and the Reindeer! 
We didn't have time to make our own cookies so we had to make due with what we had... I'm sure Santa loved our leftover GF sugar cookies with Cool Whip and Reese's bells. 
 He's in America!! We had to hurry and get to sleep!!
 Santa came!! YAY! But first... funny story... We put our Christmas tree in our "dining room" which is definitely not a dining room, so Santa put the kiddos presents by the tree, when he usually puts them in the living room. So when Emma got up and only saw stockings, she thought they actually got on the Naughty List! Poor sweet girl! She was still appreciative for her stocking stuffers and was just going with the flow. I can only imagine what was running through her mind. Ha!  But she got her Isabelle stuff and Santa surprised Aiden with Anki Drive.

 Matt was excited to get a Go Pro camera for the boat. Of course, he took it back and got the more  expensive one.
 Then the BIG surprise!!
 Matt busted his booty and had a Sport Court built and see that HUGE, HEAVY backboard that the directions say to have 3 MEN put up? He and I put that up Christmas Eve morning and then kept our curtains closed all day! SNEAKY!!!
 Pretty excited kiddos even if it is 5am!
 Next up... Nanny and Papa's house! We LOVE our stockings there. Its so fun to open them!
 Emma got Samantha's ice cream set. She was so excited! We saw that it was backordered until like forever so she didn't think it was even possible! But Nanny shops early and was able to get it!
 Aiden got a Power Racer and loves it!
 Then, Grandma and Grandpa's! We had so much fun! And it was so cozy by the fireplace. :)