Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Aiden decided that he wanted to learn how to blow bubbles and, by golly, he figured it out. He was pretty constantly blowing bubbles for about a week, including all through his appointment with Dr. Maass. 
 I guess Buddy needed some sparkles in his life because he tried to eat a bottle of glitter. You just cant get the full effect from this picture, but his face was COVERED! 
 This was my dessert contribution to the McConnell/Harwood Thanksgiving Dinner that we celebrated early this year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. :) 
 Of course, we had to battle over the wishbone!

 Random and not Thanksgiving related, but its just where it was in my pictures... Now, we always joke about the big holes in gluten free bread being where they took the gluten out, but this time, they took it out in the shape of a Razorback! Go Hogs! 
 We eat a lot of GF bread, so we know. 
 Thanksgiving week was BUSY! For my birthday this year, we got to go see Elf at the Walton Arts Center! Thanks, Nanny!
 It was cute, although surprisingly inappropriate in a few spots. But overall, it was very good and a cute start to the Holidays! 
 The kiddos made a fort in Aiden's room (under his basketball goal thing) and decided to sleep in it... They slept "so good" they said! Here's what I found when I went to check blood sugar... 
 And Buddy was out like a light right by them.
 Then Wednesday was my birthday!  Fun times!!
 And of course Thanksgiving was awesome. Full of entertainment and cousin-ing! 

It was a very Happy Thanksgiving. :) 

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