Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

The trees were just beautiful again this year. I love them!
The driveway to my office is my favorite!
 We kicked off Halloween with Nan-O-Ween this year. 
 Trick or Treat!

 Nana worked so hard on her Pumpkin Patch!

 A special Halloween lunch! 
 First grade teachers rock!
 Coach T was a stick figure! It was really hard trying to have a conversation about volunteers for the Fall Festival with him in smiling at me like that!
 We love our 2nd grade teachers too!
 And 4th grade!
 Aiden and his buddies. 
 Emma at the Mega Party
 Aiden's class rotated and did lots of fun crafts!
 Nick, Emma and Ella at the Mega Party!
 Aiden and his buddies at the Mega Party!

 It's Fal Festival Time!!
 Thankful Springdale PD for doing a Trunk or Treat it was so cold!
 Our awesome Principal and the wonderful Mrs. Berlanga, my Fall Festival partner in crime!

 Emma's GT class got to make their own games out of cardboard and had their own Carnival in the blue hall! It was really a success! 

 Emma was so excited to see AC! She misses her so much! 

 Photo Booth fun!

 Two awesome guys in uniform kicking T1D's butt! Thanks Officer Wilson for being a great role model for Aiden. :)
 The kids got TONSSSSS of candy at the Fall Festival.

 And Aiden won 8, count 'em EIGHT, bottles of soda!!! HOLY COW! He had 5th graders asking him to win them bottles. Haha!! Needless to say, he killed the ring toss. 

 Trick or Treat from us!

 This year, we were all messed up on our usual traditions since our Fall Festival was on Halloween so we did something different afterwards and went to a HUGE neighborhood nearby and let the kids experience that. IT WAS PACKED!! They were super exhausted, but they liked seeing it. 
 And they got even MORE candy!

We finished up our Halloween with our tradition of making popcorn balls at Nanny and Papa's. Poor Chas burnt the fire out of her hands and we laughed at her. RUDE!! Sorry Chas!!

It was a Happy Halloween for sure!

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