Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Baseball

Well this was certainly a different season than Spring Baseball. Like night and day. And yay! (Not) We got to be on a purple team. Aiden was less than thrilled about that and he also missed a lot of his friends who had always been on his team before and were on a different team this season. (oops!) But it was just a different kind of season... Aiden was one of the oldest on the team and I think one of the few who had played so he enjoyed kind of being the big man on campus. Although, we prioritized soccer this season, so was missed quite a few games. It overlapped a lot more than usual. 
 He was always Baseball  Ready!

 One game there was a CRACK in my camera's view finder. It was driving me NUTTS! Hehehehehe.
But on a high note, Aiden hit his first HOME RUN that night! It was sooooo exciting!! All that baseball practice paid off!! 
 Not very many in the W column, so it was pretty exciting when they tied! YAY!
 Can't you just see how overwhelmingly excited he was this season?!
 He also had Fall Development Program for Perfect Timing for hours every Sunday. Whew! That is a LOT of baseball! 

 He was pretty excited to leave FDP a little early one Sunday to go to his buddy's birthday party.

 They had SO MUCH FUN!

 And got SOAKED! It was a BLAST (literally!)

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