Sunday, November 30, 2014

St. Charles 2014

On Black Friday, we took off on our annual trip to St. Charles! It was amazing, as usual!! First stop... Our Lady of the Snows. And it really had snow! Obviously, they probably didn't intend for my blasphemous kids to have a snowball fight in Lourdes' Grotto. Sorry about that. 
 But it was a good little break after 6 hours in the car.
 And we did get serious and light some candles for Nana and Aunt Mary.

 Nana was trying to sneak a snowball, I think.
 Next stop... Eckerts! We love this old red truck.
 Emma just loved the little carts!
 It was WINDY!
We thought this bridge was so pretty! 
We made it just in time for the lighting of the Christmas Tree! 
First,, we ran into the Mikkel and Mikko.
Mrs. Claus was so sweet. 

I LOOOVVVEEE this girl! St. Lucia. She taught the kids the importance of being kind and helping your mother. Yes, please! 

After we got as many cards as we could, we went to Fitz's.
They love drinks in bottles! 
Aiden and his GF grilled cheese. They have lots of GF options.
Like this Reese's ice cream soda! YUM! 

The next day, we had to go to Chesterfield Mall, of course, to go to AG. Nana treated the kiddos to a train ride. Choo choo!
The elves came to visit us too!
We found this GF restaurant. It was ok. Except for the pecan pie that was SUPER YUMMY!
We made it back to SC for the parade and the little program that all of the characters put on. It was great! 
Then we made a MAD DASH around the square and got all of the rest of the cards. We decided that we didn't like doing it that way as much, because you don't get to talk to and interact with all of the characters. 
Ebeneezer Scrooge. Aiden reached out to him for a card and he said "Oh, you're greedy! I like that!" 
We found Olaf too. He's not a character, he just happened to be hanging out. ;) 
Silly girl! She's always loved singing with the carolers! Here's a little flash back. How cute is she!?

Can you spy Aiden?
This year, they had 40 ornaments all around to look for in addition to the characters. It was really fun! 
We took a little break from character and ornament hunting while Nana shopped. 
This one was kind of hard to find up in a tree!
Ok... LOL. We were so distraught that we could not find WWII Santa. He was one of our favorites! So we were saying, oh I hope he didn't die! And we were slightly joking about it, and we were so relieved when we realized that the person who has been WWII Santa was now playing Saint Nicholas. Phew! He's alive! 

This darn ornament was HIDING! It was appropriate that it was the Naughty List!! We could NOT find it!! We finally even cheated and asked someone where it was (Don't judge, we had to get the special card that only people who found all ornaments could have!) but still we couldn't find it even when we looked specifically where they said it was. So we finally just went into the Soda Shop next to where it was supposed to be and lo and behold, it was inside the shop! The employee there didn't know it was supposed to stay outside. Good grief! But we finally found it so we could go home! ;) As always, it was such a fun trip. We had lots and lots of laughs. We played some uber-competitive rounds of the ABC game ("J-aaayyy" and "Q-ooooooo") Hahahaha! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Aiden decided that he wanted to learn how to blow bubbles and, by golly, he figured it out. He was pretty constantly blowing bubbles for about a week, including all through his appointment with Dr. Maass. 
 I guess Buddy needed some sparkles in his life because he tried to eat a bottle of glitter. You just cant get the full effect from this picture, but his face was COVERED! 
 This was my dessert contribution to the McConnell/Harwood Thanksgiving Dinner that we celebrated early this year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. :) 
 Of course, we had to battle over the wishbone!

 Random and not Thanksgiving related, but its just where it was in my pictures... Now, we always joke about the big holes in gluten free bread being where they took the gluten out, but this time, they took it out in the shape of a Razorback! Go Hogs! 
 We eat a lot of GF bread, so we know. 
 Thanksgiving week was BUSY! For my birthday this year, we got to go see Elf at the Walton Arts Center! Thanks, Nanny!
 It was cute, although surprisingly inappropriate in a few spots. But overall, it was very good and a cute start to the Holidays! 
 The kiddos made a fort in Aiden's room (under his basketball goal thing) and decided to sleep in it... They slept "so good" they said! Here's what I found when I went to check blood sugar... 
 And Buddy was out like a light right by them.
 Then Wednesday was my birthday!  Fun times!!
 And of course Thanksgiving was awesome. Full of entertainment and cousin-ing! 

It was a very Happy Thanksgiving. :)