Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Buddy!

I will be super glad when this boy has grown out of his puppy stage, but I really can see glimpses of him being a good dog. He even smiles for the camera!

 #thisishowwebliss #pupcake

You really are a good boy. You love being petted and hugs. You LOVE any kind of food that we will give you, but we are trying to do better about not giving you things you shouldn't have. There is an ongoing battle with Daddy about whether you are truly an "outside dog" (notsomuch). You are pretty good about sitting when we ask you to. you LOVE getting into the trash! Grrrr. And you are so freaked out by foil! Its crazy! You have torn up about a million pairs of socks and underwear, but we love you anyway! Happy 1st Birthday!

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