Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Razorback Homecoming Parade

For the last 5 years, we have been attending the Razorback Homecoming parade. And for the last 4 of those, we have gone with the kiddos first Best Friends. :) We got there a little early (shocker, I know!) so we played some Frisbee.
So serious!!
It's all fun and games until the Frisbee gets thrown under a car! The poor guys face that crunched it was priceless... like he crushed Aiden's hopes and dreams with one roll of the tire. It was kind of funny, really.
I mean, except to Aiden. 
Are the trees not just gorgeous!! Why yes, they are!! 
Here's a flash back to our first parade with E and R. 
They've grown up so much!!
Crazy kiddos!! 
We can hear the band!

Look how little they were!!

They figured out if they do the sorority's hand sign, they get more candy! Also, it definitely pays to be at the beginning of the parade!
After the parade, we grabbed some pizza at US Pizza. They have a super thin gluten free and its actually pretty tasty! They were excited to dump out all of their candy. :) We are ready for the Homecoming game tomorrow! Go Hogs Go!!

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