Friday, August 15, 2014

Camp Nana 2014 - Yee Haw!

Well the Camp Nana Kick Off started with a Bang Bark, In the Park, that is! They took Buddy to his first Naturals game and he was so well behaved. Thank you Ariel!

 The next morning, the kids were up bright and early and ready to go to Camp Nana!
And Nana was ready for them!

 One day, they had a tour of Bentonville, Home of Walmart!  While visiting Walton's 5 and 10, they ran into Governor Beebe.

 They loved the little table that was just their size!

 And Sam's truck.
 After that, they enjoyed the afternoon at the Rogers Aquatic Center.
 Sporting their Camp Nana t-shirts!

They did so many other things during Camp Nana... Emma spent the night one night and I kept getting hilarious texts with them sporting spa masks and with cat tails in inappropriate places! And they had a Lemonade stand where they served police officers and made quite a bit of money. And the last day, they went on a Trail ride. Emma rode Buddy the horse and Aiden rode Bucky. They both said that it was their favorite part of Camp Nana! We are so thankful for Nana taking time off work to make these wonderful memories!! We love you and appreciate all of the countless hours and love put into making this such a special week!  

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