Saturday, August 16, 2014

2014 Kiwanis Kid's Day Football

Aiden was very excited to play football again this year. He was a little nervous doing something new and playing for a new coach.
 But it really paid off! He really improved and Coach Brett gave him a chance at quarterback right away and he did a great job. I loved watching him. He gave 150% at every practice and game and did an amazing job!

 We played our first game against the White Team. Our friend, Isabella, was on that team and she did a great job too. 
 We had a tough time overcoming turnovers during that first game and just couldn't come up with a win. I wish that we could play them again. I think we would come out on top. We had an amazing little team. There were some twins from Huntsville with the last name Evans too and I have to say that the Evans boys just killed it! Aiden said that he was really glad that they were on our team, because he was tired of getting tackled by them at practice. 

 We just couldn't hold onto the ball when we got in the red zone, but they played hard.

 We saw our friend, Gabe about to play the next game. 
 He threw in some baseball between footbal games. ;) 
 The next night, we were ready! 
 I was so proud of Matt for helping coach. He did a great job and the boys loved him. He is really positive with them and is a great encourager. 
And not to get all mushy, but to go from actually thinking that he had Selective Mutism just a few years ago, to hear him yelling "DOWN, SET... HUT!" just about made me cry! 
 We did a lot of warm ups to work on preventing turnovers!
 It worked and we kicked some Gold Team booty!
 TOUCHDOWN, Aiden Evans!! 
*flashback*  When I was pregnant with Aiden and we found out that we were having a boy, we went through a series of names in just this scenario " TOUCHDOWN, Oliver Evans!"... "TOUCHDOWN, Cooper Evans!" and we decided on Aiden (possibly AJ) because it sounded the best... "TOUCHDOWN, Aiden Evans!"
It was the neatest thing in the world to actually hear that over the loud speakers! 

 Quarterback fake. 

 Another TOUCHDOWN, Aiden Evans!
It was a great game for the Red Devils! I couldn't have been more proud of him!
We really liked Coach Brett!
 He had a great group of fans! And I got heck because we all had our names on our backs, but Aiden didn't! 
 We couldn't believe Emma wore her shirt, but she did and proudly! She even wore it to school one day!
 But this is the reaction I got when I asked them to hold hands! Ha!

 We look forward to many more years of watching this boy play football in this stadium!

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