Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our BUSY Day!

First, we got to go to Ella B.'s birthday party. The big shocker was that Emma climbed the wall and Aiden wouldn't. No big deal, it just surprised me. 
 He did, however, beat the heck out of the pinata! 
 YAY! Candy!
 Later that day, we got to go to MaKayla's 16th birthday party! Papa was causing some mischief. I know... Unbelievable!  
 MaKayla and her friends (and Emma and Aiden) went to see Blended, which is hilarious! Matt and I had seen it so we went to the worst. movie. ever. Some Tom Cruise movie that was basically like robot Groundhog Day, except not good, or funny. At. All. 
 Then... after that... we headed to Veteran's Park for a Michels family get together. My Mom's cousin, Sandy, was in town from South Dakota so we gathered with those who could make it. I didn't get pictures of the younger cousins, but they had lots of fun together! 
 Emma and Chloe were happy to pose before we left though! 

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