Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last Day of School 2014

What a great year at Turnbow Elementary! 
We will certainly miss our friends, teachers, and nurse this summer!

Emma was especially excited about this GT award! Her group won the "Create a Product" competition at the Economics fair!
Emma will really miss Mrs. McDaniel. She was such a sweet teacher and did a great job finishing out the year for Mrs. Clark. We also found out that Mrs. Clark had her sweet baby girl twins! They are mono-mono twins, which is quite rare, and they were almost a month early, but they are doing well! 

This boy racked up the awards too. He was especially excited about the PE award from Coach T. 
After school we had our annual little Last Day of School Party Get Together! 
Blake the photo bomber! 

It was a great way to wrap up the school year! 

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