Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brinkley Elizabeth Evans

We are so, so sad that our sweet baby girl, our baby before babies, went to Heaven. We had a little over 14 years with our sweet girl and we were not ready for her to go. 
About a week ago, we noticed that she didn't seem to be getting around well so we took her to Dr. Stanton's office and learned that she had quite a few problems going on including kidney and liver problems and even copd. She spent about the next week not eating much and hardly walking. We were so excited when she decided to eat some tuna! We had picnics every day. 
 Bella took good care of her sissy!!!  Ms. Karla sent us this sweet picture she got when she was cleaning. :) 
She passed away early Saturday (June 7) morning around. Matt and I were just devastated and the kiddos were also upset when they woke up and learned the news. I feel certain that our sweet girl is in Heaven enjoying lots and lots of Greenies and Arby's 5 for 5! She was so loved and we will miss her like crazy! So... how about a little stroll down memory lane... 

Brinkley Elizabeth was born in Bentonville January 9, 2000. We got to go pick her out and then went back a few weeks later to pick her up, on February 18, 2000. She *may* have pooped in my lap on the way home! ;)
She made herself right at home! 
Her sweet little belly rubbed the ground when she ran! She loved to play with leaves and they were bigger than her! 
 Grammy had an immediate attachment with her. They were big buddies!
 Of course she loved dying Easter eggs!!
 When she was about 6 months old, she had her girl surgery. She got a brand new couch that I am pretty sure was more expensive than our real couch, but she was oh, so worth every cent! 
 In 2001, she won second place in the PetCo costume contest! She was off to see the wizard! 
 She loved, loved, loved chewing up paper! We called it her "homework"! She was so smart and loved to open presents too!
 Cuddling with her Daddy. 
 Her first fishing pole was Snoopy of course!
 And on St. Anthony's Feast Day she was "baptized" (blessed, but I feel certain that it counted!)

We will miss you so much baby girl!! We love you!

Brinkley Elizabeth Evans
January 9, 2000 ~ June 7, 2014

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