Friday, May 23, 2014

Skipping School!

We decided to skip school one day so we could enjoy some short lines at Silver Dollar City before it got crazy! On the way we stopped at the Alabam Cemetery to deliver flowers to Mary Elizabeth , Grandpa Rowe and Granny Vitis.
 Mary watching over our Mary. 
 Then it was off to SDC! The petting zoo was the first stop! I think this one was Tater Tot!
 We decided to stop by their school house to make up for skipping! 
 Outlaw Run selfie! Upside down! Oops!
 This boy is serious about his balls. Hahahahahaha! ;)

But don't throw the balls! Hahahahahaha
 They love this funny mirror and I don't know how we have been so lucky that they have never realized that this building is a toy store! 
 Aiden has always wanted one of these bats with his name on it! Thank you, Nana!!

 This was about the time that Emma started feeling MISERABLE!! We checked and she had 101 temp and sore ears. :( 

 This NEVER happens so you know it was a BIG day!
 That night we had a Health Fair at Turnbow that we worked for JDRF. Aiden was his usual helpful self!
 Emma stayed home and the next day she went with me to work to wait on her appointment to see Dr. Lovell. Ear infection. :( Which means fighting about antibiotics for the next 10 days! Poor girl! 

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