Friday, May 30, 2014

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Fairy Tale Ball 2014

So the 1st grade boys were slightly less than excited about the Fairy Tale Ball... In fact, Aiden barely mentioned it. He did maybe twice, both in the context of how he and Collin were going to pretend to be sick the day of the ball so they wouldn't have to dance with a GIRL! 
But the big day came and both boys were entirely healthy. 
 Collin and Aiden escorting Ruby and Evelyn. 
Each class presented information about a continent. Their class was Australia. 

 Now here's the difference between boys and girls... Aiden slapped on his Easter outfit and called it good. Sweet Isabella had been planning her dress for weeks. Her mom had to order all kinds of stuff to make it. She was so beautiful! Such a sweet, sweet girl! And a hoot too! :) 
  Handsome boys: Blake, Aiden and Collin, exercising their best manners.
 So many emotions wrapped up in this picture. Mrs. Berlanga paired him with Audrey and he had to dance the waltz! Soooooooo cute!!

 Phew! He survived and got to hang with Joshua for a while. :)
 These guys... Aiden's bffs... Blake, Aiden, Collin, and Joshua
 I can so see this happening again in a few years. ;)
 Seriously, these are some cool dudes! 

It was a great experience and our first grade teachers did a great job organizing and decorating. What a fun experience! 

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