Friday, April 4, 2014

It's a GIRL x 2

We found out shortly after Christmas that Emma's sweet, sweet teacher is going to be having identical twin girls! Some of the other moms and I started planning a shower right away! And what timing... She had an appointment the day before her surprise shower and found out that that would have to be her last day. :( So sad! We will miss her so much, but we also have the BEST intern ever and she has been doing a great job. She is just the sweetest girl ever and SO beautiful!
 Mrs. McDaniel was getting name ideas while we waited. Lots of interesting ones! 
 Mrs. Clark was surprised! She cried, we cried. It was emotional. 
 She couldn't be any cuter!
 Can you tell it was right before Benchmark?
 We played lots of shower games. This one is my favorite! Ewwwww!

 The kiddos made her the cutest book that included all of their name ideas and advice to the new parents. :) 

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  1. Everything looks beautiful! And don't you love to do the poopy diapers with kids? haha!!

    Hoping that sweet girly pregnancy is still going well!!

    So..where's Gala? You are the picture queen!! : ) Love you, girl!!