Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break in San Antonio

For Spring Break this year, we decided to try something new. Because of so many snow days, the kiddos had to go to school on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning, we loaded up and headed to  The great state of Texas.
 We were in Dallas by lunch and refused to let our Gluten Free-ness spoil our fun! We learned that In-n-Out Burger's secret menu includes several bread-less options. We got ours "Flying Dutchman" style (basically the patties are the bun) but you can also get "Protein-Style" where lettuce acts as the bun. Either way, they were still delicious, albeit messy. 
 We arrived in San Antonio just in time for Happy Hour! 
 Then we hit the River Walk!
 There was a rat someplace behind him. Like a real, live Remy. It was huge and skittered away. Shortly before this, a few guys asked us how were were doing and FREAKED Emma the heck out. I thought we were going to have to bring her home! 
 But she recovered when we explained to her that not every stranger was going to try to kidnap her and that some people asked for money sometimes and it was ok. The River Walk was very pretty! And hot and HUMID!
 This was the view from our hotel. 
 The next morning, we ventured to the Alamo and took in some history. 

The Alamo Cenotaph, also known as the Spirit of Sacrifice, is a monument in the Alamo Plaza Historic District of Downtown San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas.
 Our Emily in front of the Emily Morgan hotel, which is HAUNTED! After that, we visited the Spanish Market and it was kind of disappointing. 
 But then, we went to The Little Aussie Bakery and it did NOT disappoint. It was Delicious with a capital D! It was 100% Gluten Free and could not have been better! The camaraderie among the patrons was also very special. Everyone was visiting and talking about living Gluten Free. Pretty much everyone there when we were ate Gluten Free out of necessity due to Celiac. Everyone was sharing their stories and giving tips. And the owner was there waiting and bussing tables. She was so kind and helpful! And also had a Crikey accent that was awesome! 
 THICK crust pizza that was to. die. for. Plus garlic bread and rolls. YUM!
 The kiddos did lots of swimming and had so much fun playing together. 
 One of my favorite things was the boat tour of the River Walk. It really helped get perspective of where everything was. I was so turned around the whole time! But that helped. 
Friday morning was Sea World! I have to admit, we watched Black Fish on Netflix during one of our snow days and I was hesitant to go. But I read a lot about both sides and I really feel like Sea World does a lot to help sea animals and the environment. I think Black Fish may have been a little biased and that the truth lies someplace in between.  Either way, we had a blast!
 The sea lion show is always one of my favorites. We sat in the splash zone, but didn't get too wet! 
 Next up... Shamu!! We sat in the Splash Zone again!

 We may have gotten a little wetter during this show!
 We took a little break while we waited for our dolphin tour. 
 The dolphin tour was so fun! We had a guide who was so knowledgeable. Obviously, she said that Black Fish was B.S. false propaganda.  But she taught us so many things about the dolphins. This is Scotia. 

 Splash zone again!
Then more swimming and "someone" "accidentally" threw the hotel's beach ball over the ledge and into the River Walk. gasp!
 So needless to say, we hightailed it out of the pool and hid in the room for a while. Then we decided to walk back to the Alamo, since during our River Walk tour, we figured out it was so close to our hotel. It was beautiful all lit up. 

 The next morning, we headed back home. We took a lunch break at El Chico and then made a quick trip to American Girl since we were so close. :) 
It was such a fun and memorable Spring Break, full of (silver) slug bugs, warm weather, and mediocre food (except for the Little Aussie - it rocked)!

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