Sunday, March 2, 2014

January and February goodies...

January 14th, Aiden lost 7th tooth!
Friday night, 1/17, Emma and I had a Mommy/Emma night and saw The Secret Life of Walter Smitty./
 We went to Natalie's 80's birthday party!
 It was our first party to attend after finding out about Celiac. We brought our own cupcakes from Bliss and had a blast!
 Brinkley and Bella doing some cuddling. ;)
 The Buddies. One of them plays basketball ALL. THE. TIME.
 We went to our cousin, Olivia's Colors Day. She is so pretty!
 And we loved getting to watch her play too! She is awesome!
 Bella got a new hat!
 We saw this box of Fun Dips at Walmart. They must have been made for us (see the to and from on the red one!) 
 One Saturday, Daddy had to work so we went to the Lego Movie. It was cute and it got the "Let it Go" song out of our heads for the afternoon ("Everything is Awesome...")
 Mom's lunch just rocks! Holly was testing out her Minute to Win it games. Let's just say it took 2 minutes to win it and we didn't do a very good job of listening either! Ha! 
 It was so fun though! :) Never a dull moment at Mom's lunch! I am so thankful for every 2nd Monday. 
 We got to celebrate Nana's birthday! It was so fun! We went to eat Mexican and then went to Olivia's Regional tournament. It was such an exciting game! They won!
 Emma and Nana had a long awaited date at Market Place so Aiden, Daddy and I went to the skateboard park. This boy kept getting braver and braver. 

 We have had a snowy, icy morning and it was so cute to see these kiddos cuddled up wanting to join each other's Minecraft games. 

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