Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gluten Free... Work in Progress...

We have been trying gluten free foods like crazy. It has been kind of a challenge!
Aiden has been really missing pizza rolls. These were just meh.
 Matt and I were so excited to find some gluten free buns. Also meh.
But OMG we have been going to Angus Jack's and they can do almost their entire menu gluten free and it is DELISH!!!
 This morning, we tried to make chicken biscuits. Just ok. See a pattern?

 This gluten free sandwich bread has been a God send for Aiden's lunch.
 We even tried to make funnel cake. Still... it just wasn't the same... We have perfected GF waffles and pancakes, so that is good!
 The Cookie Company can even make their big cookie in the chewy chocolate, which is gluten free.
 And Emma and Matt were so excited that we got a new flour that we can make our "square noodles" (kind of dumplings" and they were very similar to the original. YAY!
So it's a work in progress...

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