Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

The kids (especially Aiden) had been dropping major hints that they wanted a WOW cup! And you can't just find those things! I think Buddy (the dog)'s face says it all. OMG, you found one!?
These kids are GROWING UP! 

Thanks to our friend, Holly, we had the best idea for Aiden's Valentine school party! Hogs and Kisses. We collected milk bottles from anyone and everyone that drank milk! This was out counter for DAYS!
 We played pin the tail on the Hog and a lot of other Minute to Win It style games (again, thanks to Holly!)
 We had to get pictures from every angle for future reference. ;)

 Woo Pig Sooie!! 

 Our favorite school nurse (even though she is a Texas fan!) We needed to give her a dose of HOG FEVER!
 Then it was off to Emma's party! They got to make ice cream Sundaes and they were all so excited that they got cans of Sprite! :) It was cute. And then they had some serious Minute to Win it games going on too. 

 Where's the Nutella?
 We LOVE Nurse Kathy!
 I was so thankful to have the best job ever and be able to spend half the day having fun with my kiddos at their school parties. 
 That evening we braved the crowds and the 1 hour waits and went to dinner "someplace where you can throw peanuts on the floor" per Aiden's request. Aiden had lots of fun copying Daddy. It was too funny.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Emma got her name added to the cookie since we were kind of in a crazy gluten free blur during her birthday. 
 The candle/singing tradition. 
 Daddy got to open his present from Nana on his Birthday eve. He got a broom to go with his Lowe's gift card!
 And the Elves came back for Daddy's special day!
On the night of his birthday, we tried Chuy's. It was pretty good! He has been super busy with work so it was a nice little break for him. :)