Thursday, January 30, 2014

JDRF Walk Awards 2014

We got to have a play date at Holly's before the Walk Awards! I had to learn how to use my new Silhouette and practice making hog hats out of milk jugs! And bonus, we got to see her BEAUTIFUL new house!! The kids *may* have been a tiny bit excited to swing on the swing in her living room! 
Aiden was excited to have Ethan at the Walk Awards. And Matt and I were also excited that the food was GLUTEN FREE! Taco bar! Woo Hoo! :) 

 Golden Sneaker!
 Emma and Mary Claire with their claw winnings.
Moms Laser Tag! So fun!!

 Lord have mercy. Thanks Mr. Rob, for the million tickets! He got the World's Largest Whoopie Cushion! Yay!
 And look what else Emma won in the claw. Holy minion. Nooooooo! 

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