Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Emma!

Emma was so excited that the Elves came back for her birthday! 
 Emma picked Shogun for her birthday dinner! It was so fun!
Nana stopped by to bring Emma her birthday presents and thank goodness she did because the one that we ordered for her did not arrive for 2 more days!! Oh no!! 
 She got a Stuffie!! And it had a "credit card" in it. Emma was so excited to get one. She spent her money on a Vera Bradley wallet and Disney infinity for her DS. She felt so grown up! 
 There were 3 other birthdays at our table! It was a BIG celebration!
 Emma was excited that we had a snow day on her actual birthday so she got to miss school.  YAY! So when we went back to school, I brought lunch (more gluten free pizza!) Fun times with this crazy group!
Finally, 2 days later, Emma got to open her presents! 


Happy 9th Birthday, sweet girl! You, my dear, are a mess. You are in a phase that you do not want to do any kind of organized sport. But you are loving dance at Tutu's and Tap Shoes. Mrs. Julie is so sweet. You spend hours and hours playing Barbie and American Girl. You really enjoy playing in your room, but you are also very social. :) You bust out into song (mostly Frozen) all the time but then have a little shy side too. You still are not a picky eater and LOVE pretty much any kind of fruit. You are being a good sport about our new Gluten Free adventure. You love BRIGHT clothing and mix it up, only Justice. Ha! You love your boots and leggings, that's for sure! We are working on your love of reading, without much luck! ;) But maybe someday! You do LOVE GT though so you don't totally hate school. That's good! We love you so much and can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you! Happy Birthday, Emily Anne! 

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