Sunday, December 1, 2013

St. Charles 2013

For the last several years, we have gone to St. Charles to kick off our holiday season! It is such a quaint little town with a cobblestone Main Street and a community that all gets involved and makes it such a fun experience!
This weekend was no different! Except, we got off to a little shaky start. And I may have gotten the nickname "Subway Psycho" by Nana and the kids. But... in my defense... the lady was very rude and needs to know that she should treat her customers better and I *may* have told her to go to Chick Fil A and learn some customer service. 
Then, we stopped at Our Lady of the Snows.   
It was all decorated for Christmas and I loved being able to tell the kids that this was Nana Barb's favorite places to visit. 
We got to light a candle in her memory too. 
Eckert's one of my Mom's favorite places. We love that cute little truck out front. She always finds me such cute things when she goes. I think you must be able to look better when you aren't trying to chase 2 kiddos everywhere. 
And we saw the World's Largest Bottle of Ketchup! Our Ketchup Queen had to get her picture with it. 
We finally made it to SC (even the initials of the town are Christmas-y) We decided to hit up the tree lighting and started seeing characters right away! We love the Scandinavian  Santa. 
Mikkel is one of the Scandinavian Elves. He and his sister, Mikko, love mischief!  

The Reindeer Flight instructor. She was cheery!
Oh, the Master of Revels. He is a character! He is so fun and makes time to tease and pick on each group! He is so, so clever too! You can often find him walking on fence posts or even standing on trash cans!
Mrs. Claus. Sweet, sweet lady. She let Emma hold her lantern. 
Pure. Embarrassment. commencing right here. My little singer was mortified when they asked her to sing with them and ring the jingle bells. Aiden was a trooper though. 
Yay! Swimming at the hotel! After a YUMMY dinner at Fazzoli's.
The next day, was more of the same. Lots of pictures and character chasing!

World War 2 Santa. He's such a nice guy!
Susie Snowflake! She was so cute and had such a bubbly personality!!
One cute store had a fun craft for them to do. They each got to bring home candy cane ornaments.
This group was new this year and they were our favorite. They were Sleigh Bell Singers! They sang 40s-50s style. Upbeat and very catchy!
The Drum and Bugle Corp leading the parade.
We sat by (or in) the car for the parade, since we had a great spot.
Santa even gave us a shout out for our creative seating!
St. Nicholas was also new this year! I loved that. I believe he really ties Santa into the true meaning of Christmas. :)
More pictures. We were really on the hunt for the last few at this point!

After we found all the cards, we were ready for dinner! We headed to Fitz's bottling company. 

They brought Aiden this huge s'mores float and he ate none of it! See how he is smiling but also looks miserable? Yeah, he had medium ketones (that's bad) and really was about to throw up. We loaded him up with insulin and called it a night. But when we were about to leave, we did see Fitz's tree lighting and it was really pretty. They even had Santa! We followed Santa out and he left in one of those tiny little cars with no back seat. So funny!
The elves even found us!

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