Friday, December 20, 2013

School Christmas Parties!

I just LOVE our PTA. It's the best. I'm so glad that I have been able to be  a little more involved this year and have gotten to know them even better. We hosted a Christmas party for the teachers and it was a hit! There was SO much food!
 Later that week, we had class parties.
Oh, my gosh... that morning, Aiden's class got a message from the office that there had been a delivery from the North Pole! Mrs. Berlanga sent some students down to the office to see what it was... Santa sent them a box, asking them to be honorary elves! Their class elf, Johnny, had told him that they had been so good!
  He sent them hats, books...
and he even sent little bitty elf-sized plates and silverware to eat their mini pancakes with! It was all so magical!
 Then, they played LOTS of games.

 Emma's class had so much fun too! They made chocolate dipped pretzels. YUM! 
 And they played Pin the Nose on Rudolph too!
 And got some SOUR candy!
Lots of Christmas-y fun!!

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