Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Aiden!

We kicked off the start of Birthday Week with a party at Nanny and Papa's! He picked pizza for his special meal. 
Well, a few days before Aiden's birthday and birthday party, we had a pretty good snow/ice. The pups didn't much like it...

... but the kids were excited! YAY! No school! 

And no school, and no school times 5! They really started to worry about their summer vacation after that! But we braved the roads and decided to go ahead and have Aiden's birthday party! It was a NERF Battle!

We were all set with the gear!
And coordinating cake!

We had target practice.

 And lots of battles. That foam pit stole A LOT of our nerf darts! 

It was such fun party and we were so thankful for all of the friends and family and pizza delivery guys who risked their lives to make it such a special evening!
Just had to sneak this in... lots of craziness from the elves this year!
Finally, his actual birthday!

The elves showed up in their birthday outfits (not to be confused with birthday suits, that would just be weird.
He has been really wanting a laptop! 
Emma was so excited to give it to him too. It was sweet. 

Ha! I love those little crossed legs. He has done that since he was a tiny baby!

Happy 7th Birthday, Aiden James! We hope that it was as great as you are!

Here's a little birthday interview...

1.  Favorite Color:  blue

2.  Favorite Toy:  Basketball Goal

3. Favorite TV Show: Lab Rats

4. Favorite Movie:  Planes

5.  Favorite Super Hero: None 

6.   Favorite Food:  Pizza 

7.   Favorite Animal:  Alligator

8.  Favorite Song: No?

9.  Best Friends:  Blake and Brett

10.  Favorite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper (i.e. Diet Pepper)

11.  Favorite thing to play outside: Basketball 

12.  Favorite thing to wear: Clothes

13. Favorite Breakfast:  Waffles and Pancakes

14. Favorite thing to draw:  None.

15.   Favorite thing about school: Math 

16.  Favorite thing about Emma:  To pick on her.

17.  Favorite thing about Daddy:   That he puts things together for me.

18 .  Favorite thing about Mommy:  (first answer...that I act like a boy and i'll leave it at that). And then that I am caring and that I help him. 

19.  Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream

20.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Police Officer

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