Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Birthday Week Continues

So I woke up to this little cute during my birthday week. :) 
 He is a MESS!
 Birthday cookie at Nanny and Papa's! YUM!
 Presents from my mom! Including the famous Disney Store box with the concave ends! It's legendary status did not disappoint! ;) I got a LOVELY portrait of my mom, which she said would probably be her funeral portrait! Holy COW! It totally won't! 
Aiden liked my box! I really loved the Silhouette that came in the box! 
 Matt and the kiddos made me a cake! I got LOTS of birthday cakes this year! 
 Matt got me like a million holiday attachments for my Happy Everything Plate! It was so sweet! I think I am covered for every holiday now! Nana would be so proud! :) It was a great birthday week!! 

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