Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Happy Halloween 2013 ~ iphone style

Cute kiddos ready to go to Nana's Halloween Carnival!
More fun and games Nan-O-Ween! Ha! Ween! (So this was on Shake it Up from the Disney Channel and Emma and I pretty much say it every time someone says Halloween). 

 When we got home they REALLY wanted to carve pumpkins!
 Aiden was NOT impressed. YUCK! Love his face.
 Now... so serious.

 Aiden was our photographer here.
 The. Pretty. Trees. Are. Killing. Me!

We loved our silly, silly teachers! Here's first grade! 

 Emma and some of her best friends.
 Aiden and Blake.
 Aiden's mummy cupcake.
 Emma getting turned into a mummy! Lots of mummies!
 OMG! Rainbow and beautiful trees!!!
 The cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's!
 Hahaha! Ween!
 My crazy cat lady and Grandpa's crazy kitty. Gracie was a little kookie!
After a quick check for ketones, we stopped by Maggie's house to Trick-or-Treat.
 Friday's Fall Festival... I hardly got any pictures of the kiddos!
 I can tell by the window, that a kiddo took this picture. I must have taught them well!! Parenting WIN!

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