Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Lots of fall pictures!!
We got to have lots of fun at Farmland Adventures during a JDRF event. Aiden obviously loved the corn box.

 This little sweety of Holly's enjoyed the corn box too!
 Aiden and Clay were big buddies!
 This year, we had Iron Patriot and a Crazy Cat Lady!

 He scored a HUGE Reese's at Nana's.
 We *may* have had a marshmallow fight with big pumpkin marshmallows. And we *may* have gotten a little crazy!

 Trick or Treat!

 Emma was sooooo excited to get a Rainbow Loom and Aiden was ever so stoked to get "computer version Minecraft" Yay!!
 Haha! It was just a little itunes-looking card and he didn't see it. He thought he got NOTHING! TRICK!
 Next up, Nanny and Papa's.
 Aiden, Emma, and Justin.
 OMG. The trees this year... they have been just beautiful!
 Trying to TRICK Grandma and Grandpa!
 And Terry and Christy!
 Then, Friday night, we had our Fall Festival at school! Phew! I was asked to "head it up" and I just about lost it at the last second! But our school just rocks and it all came together. It was GREAT!

 He really wanted the cotton candy, which as a carb-counting mom, completely freaks me out. But I have learned that he really just wants to be able to have it, but doesn't actually like the taste so it's not really an issue. ;)
 Plus, he played sooooo hard! He needed a little sugar to bring up a low.

 Oh, the trees...

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