Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Fun!

Did I already post this? If so, I just had to post it again! This was the driveway to my office and I was so, so thankful to drive it everyday! I LOVE it!! 
Our mom's lunch girls got together for a little mom's night out! We went to the NWA Boutique show and it was so fun! I love those girls. I can honestly say that they are the very BEST thing about diabetes. We all met because we have that in common, but they are so much more than that now. They are my best friends. They get it. And they are oh, so funny! 
 Emma just loves this little door a nearby bakery. We had to make a quick stop there on our girls day. :)
 Our baseball team had an end of season hot dog roast bon fire! Holy HUGE fire!

 It was HOT!! We had to zip tie the roasters to 8 foot branches to cook the hot dogs! LOL!

 Emma got to have Ella sleep over! There was lots of looming going on!

 This boy LOVES to play outside! 

 Happy Fall, Y'all!!

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