Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, 2013!

We might be a little competitive
 in our family.
 Wishbones might bring out the worst in us... 
 Or not! Winning!! 

 Again with the wishbones!

 But we really love each other! 
 Emma especially loves this sweet girl! 
 We had lots of Thanksgivings! 
 Yunice was making her Grandma Shirley face! She was cracking me up! We had lots of fun with potty language. There was a lot of "Spell Happy"... "H-A-PP-Y" ... "You said PP!" ..."Hahahahahahah!" going on! It was so funny! It was a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Birthday Week Continues

So I woke up to this little cute during my birthday week. :) 
 He is a MESS!
 Birthday cookie at Nanny and Papa's! YUM!
 Presents from my mom! Including the famous Disney Store box with the concave ends! It's legendary status did not disappoint! ;) I got a LOVELY portrait of my mom, which she said would probably be her funeral portrait! Holy COW! It totally won't! 
Aiden liked my box! I really loved the Silhouette that came in the box! 
 Matt and the kiddos made me a cake! I got LOTS of birthday cakes this year! 
 Matt got me like a million holiday attachments for my Happy Everything Plate! It was so sweet! I think I am covered for every holiday now! Nana would be so proud! :) It was a great birthday week!! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

White Christmas!

What a fun birthday party!!
My mom went all out with party favors and everything! 
It was all so cute!! 
It was the cutest cake ever! 
The kids wanted me to have the pig's butt! It sure was yummy! Seriously, Shelby Lynn's has the best cake and I got lemon filling, my favorite!
I was so blessed to have so many friends and family who got to come too! Emma was so glad that one of her friends got to come too! 
 And Nanny got to bring some friends too!
 OMG, I totally look pregnant. I'm so not. 
 Aunt Christy and Maggie were looking Christmas-y in their jackets! So cute!! It was so sweet of them to come! 
 I took this before they said not to! I promise! 
 Sweet Holly! I'm so glad she got to come!! She was so sweet to make me the cutest painting and the best gift ever... the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer . Here's your gift... READ. THE. COMMENTS. Hahahahahaha! 
 Cousins! It was so sweet of Kellie and Katie to come too! Yay!! :) 
The play was very good! We had watched the movie the week before to kind of get an idea about what it was going to be like. It was a little different and I thought the kids were going to balk at that, but they got over it quickly. :) It was just such a neat kick off to the holiday season... any my birthday week! Woo Hoo!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 Blue Day!

This boy was EXCITED for Blue Day! What an awesome school that we have and what a way to celebrate World Diabetes Day! Aiden felt so special. It was like a day just for him. But really it was more than that. It is awesome that our school is so supportive. They all care and are excited to really learn about T1D. 
 And speaking of supportive and awesome... Coach T had this shirt made especially for Blue Day. It made Aiden feel so special! He goes so far above and beyond. Our school is so lucky to have him!

 Aiden's class was excited for  Blue Day!

 Our cousin Chloe was determined to win "most blue" in her class for Aiden and she did! Yay!!
 That's a LOT of sneakers!
 Thank you for helping Turnbow TURN BLUE! We have the BEST. SCHOOL. EVER.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Fun!

Did I already post this? If so, I just had to post it again! This was the driveway to my office and I was so, so thankful to drive it everyday! I LOVE it!! 
Our mom's lunch girls got together for a little mom's night out! We went to the NWA Boutique show and it was so fun! I love those girls. I can honestly say that they are the very BEST thing about diabetes. We all met because we have that in common, but they are so much more than that now. They are my best friends. They get it. And they are oh, so funny! 
 Emma just loves this little door a nearby bakery. We had to make a quick stop there on our girls day. :)
 Our baseball team had an end of season hot dog roast bon fire! Holy HUGE fire!

 It was HOT!! We had to zip tie the roasters to 8 foot branches to cook the hot dogs! LOL!

 Emma got to have Ella sleep over! There was lots of looming going on!

 This boy LOVES to play outside! 

 Happy Fall, Y'all!!