Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aiden's Zoo Field Trip - other camera

Here are a few more zoo pictures...The first graders always get to go to the Gentry Zoo. Aiden was so excited that it was finally his turn. I was too! This cute little piggie was just running all over the place. 
 Awww-www a baby zebra!
 This guy definitely wanted us to know what day it was. HUMP day!
 A few of us moms decided that these looked like little tiny turkeys with their tails all fluffed up.
 This mama kangaroo had a baby in her pouch! Aiden absolutely LOVED the kangaroos. It was so, so soft! The boy is currently obsessed with SOFT things. He will even cuddle with Emma if she is wearing something soft.

Aiden's class!
 Mr. Turtle

It was such a beautiful day. The leaves were just starting to turn and it was just a little brisk. Aiden's bff's mom rode with me and we followed the bus there and back. That made it so fun. We got to ride the bus with the kids through the safari. Thank goodness! I got on the bus and Aiden was 49! Phew! Perfect timing. :) Although, I know that they would have had it all under control. Before the field trip, Aiden was so excited and told me "me and Blake get to sit by Mrs. Berlanga on the bus!!" Awesome buddy, how come? "Because I have diabetes and Blake pukes!" Well, how lucky! Hahahaha!!!

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