Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Silly Kids!

Awww... Emma and Bella. 
Steak and Shake!
 We have been spending a lot of time in the play room trying to get it a little more organized. 
 Theses are clearly before pics. 

 Haha! "Mom, I have an idea!"
 Hair styles by Emma. Oh my!!
 Nana trapped a racoon!
 Emma's play doh creation from Granny Bev and Grandpa's house! So cute!
We were organizing for a consignment sale and going through lots of old clothes. This gown went down to her toes when we got it!!
 And this goober!
 One night, Daddy had a late banquet at work for quarterly meetings so we decided to go to the mall. They were being so sweet and SILLY! I could have killed them in Dillard's for being CRAZY silly, but then we were walking around and I noticed they were holding hands. ;) They just let go in this pic. So I do have hope that they will realize one day how extremely blessed they are to have each other and to really cherish that relationship.
 Lots of fun at our annual trip to the Clothesline Fair. He wants to buy it. 

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