Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just lately...

Before the first Razorback football game of the season, we ate at Sassy's. We were right under the AC so we had to cuddle up and be silly to stay warm. ;)

 Yay for the CFA cow being at the game!
 On Labor Day, we got to spend the day at the lake. Aiden finally got the nerve up to really tube. They had a blast! It was a beautiful day!

 This guy was just hanging out on the window at my boss's house. He looked like he needed his picture taken. 
 Soccer started! Aiden is a superstar if I do say so myself! The whole team is full of superstars! Aiden is especially excited that Blake and Brett are on the team!
 Working at the Fresh Market Sidewalk Sale after Razorback Day at school.

 And guess what we FINALLY got!! Aiden's new pods!! Hip, hip, hooray!!
 On Saturday, Aiden had his first soccer game with refs and everything. Total domination. Go Strikers!
  Then, we hurried down to Little Rock for the Razorback football game (with a quick stop at Taco Villa in Russellville!) Aiden was so excited that he had time to swim before the game. 
 Emma was excited that she got to spend lots of time with her "sisters". 

 Nana made the trip with us. haha! WE always catch Emma in a frown. We were working on Throwing the A. ;) 

 Never a dull moment with this boy! I don't even know where his legs are! 
 There we go!! 
 On Monday, Emma was so excited to get started back in dance. She really missed Ms. Julie!

Silly Kids!

Awww... Emma and Bella. 
Steak and Shake!
 We have been spending a lot of time in the play room trying to get it a little more organized. 
 Theses are clearly before pics. 

 Haha! "Mom, I have an idea!"
 Hair styles by Emma. Oh my!!
 Nana trapped a racoon!
 Emma's play doh creation from Granny Bev and Grandpa's house! So cute!
We were organizing for a consignment sale and going through lots of old clothes. This gown went down to her toes when we got it!!
 And this goober!
 One night, Daddy had a late banquet at work for quarterly meetings so we decided to go to the mall. They were being so sweet and SILLY! I could have killed them in Dillard's for being CRAZY silly, but then we were walking around and I noticed they were holding hands. ;) They just let go in this pic. So I do have hope that they will realize one day how extremely blessed they are to have each other and to really cherish that relationship.
 Lots of fun at our annual trip to the Clothesline Fair. He wants to buy it. 

JDRF fun...

Not sure about this face, but she was super excited to get a foul ball!
 They met up with Sinker!
 Aiden and G were having fun rolling down the hill. :)
 YUM! Funnel Dog for Emma (weirdly good) and Fried Oreo for Aiden. Super YUM!
 G, Aiden and E. We love these boys and are so thankful that D brought them into our lives. :)

 So, so silly!!
 The Emmas
 We had lots of fun with our friends at the Natural's game!
 Oh goodness, painting the horse! What an endeavor!!
 More pictures of the Emmas (plus another Emma)

 Lots of LOWS painting the horse!

 DIRTY feet!
 Love this group!! 
Bowling shoes!!

 Aiden not being SHY! Poor Elizabeth!
 It was Holly's birthday!! We used VIRTUAL candles with our phones. ;) I was so thankful that her kiddos wanted to bowl and we got to spend time with her on her special day!
 Once again, the 3 amigos. :)