Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kiwanis Kid's Day Football

We only had 2 games for Kiwanis Kid's Day Football. We lost both games and it was HOT, but it was really fun! It was a neat thing to be part of such a Springdale Tradition. My mom was a KKD cheerleader when she was Emma's age. :) I wish I had a picture! 
We got to play our friends' Josh and Isabella's team! These girls made super cute cheerleaders!

 I don't think I have ever heard One Direction so many times!! 
 She wasn't really sad, just caught her during a serious part, I guess. Look at that BOW!!
 LOL... Aiden was taking his offensive tackle position very seriously!. He pushed this kid back like 20 yards every. single. play. It was cracking us up!

Emma had a cute little cousin cheering for her too! 

 Better luck next year boys!!  
This will be a cute picture to have just in case he is a Bulldog football player in the future. :)

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