Sunday, August 11, 2013

End of Summer trip to Branson

On the way, we saw the Air Evac picking up someone who had a wreck. Scary!
 We spent a little time down at the Landing.
That night we went to NIGHT Water at White Water. It was so fun! Daddy was a little of a wuss and wouldn't get in the water. It was a little chilly, but it was warm when you were in it. And there were NO lines! Totally worth the temps! We got to ride all of the rides lots of times! 
Silver Dollar City was BUSY!! Emma totally put some girl trying to hula hoop to shame.
 Aiden did too. 
 We have loved the petting zoo part this summer. Aiden was with Marshmallow and Tater Tot. 

 We got to watch a trick dog show and this was Diggy. It was an amazing show! And at least we could say that we got to do something! All of the rides had such long lines!! It was crazy!
 Then we made a quick trip up to Bass Pro Shop. Home of All Dead Animals.

We got to stay down by the Landing and it just made the whole trip feel different. It was a nice little break before school gets started. :) 

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