Friday, August 16, 2013

Camp Nana 2013

Nana went above and beyond once again for Camp Nana. The kids looked forward to it all summer and it did not disappoint! They were up BRIGHT and EARLY Monday morning and ready to go!

 On Monday, I got to go with them and we were excited for a fun day in Branson... Well, it started off well! Nana had some old fashioned toys/activities on the way. She was a pro at making these bubbles.
 We quickly ate breakfast and headed to Silver Dollar City. We found a pretty butterfly on our way in.

 We had some fun at the petting zoo.

 We wondered if this little guy is a cousin to the chipmunk who lives in a stump on the corner of our road (Poptart).
 And then the RAIN came. And it poured and poured and poured! Emma's face pretty much sums up the trip to Branson. It just all went wrong. Rain, then White Water was completely closed. But Aiden's face shows what we did... make the best of it!!

 And they got Tater Twists!! Yay!!!

 Camp Nana, day 2 - ready for lots of fun!
 Day 3 - the train ride!!

 Day 4 was lots of fun too. I didn't sneak any pictures though. :)
Day 5 - the best day! Random Acts of kindness!!
They put money by the Coke machine in the Teacher's Lounge.
 They took chocolate milk and donuts to our local fire station.
 The fire fighters were so, so sweet and I think just as excited as we were! They gave the kids stickers and gave them a tour of the fire truck.
 They even talked to them through the head phones.
 Aiden got to turn on the lights.
 Next, cookies to the other fire station.
 Then, coloring books to the ER.
 And dog and cat food to the animal shelter.

I love that the kids got to have a great week before school started and they also learned the importance of helping others! Thanks so much for the fun, memories, and lessons, Nana!! 

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